Rules of Chat

The Do Nots

Do not yell excessively. Yelling, whether it'd be in anger or joy, can be quite rude to your fellow chat members. If you are yelling in caps, please keep it to a limit.
Do not argue with an administrator. Like the Warrior Code says, the word of the leader is law.
Do not bring other issues from another wiki into this chat. This wiki does not like to be dragged into other wiki problems, and will not tolerate petty drama from another wiki on this chat.
Do not ban or kick users without reasoning.  Admins, please use logic and react in that accordance, common sense please.
Do not spam messages and links. In respect of the users, please do not spam messages or links. We have already seen them, and if you want a reaction, please do so by asking
Do not cyberbully or personal attack users, let it be in Private Messages or on the main chat. Cyberbullying is not allowed on this site, and any signs of harassment or an equally cruel action to a fellow user will result in an immediate kick or ban.
Do not come on the Wiki just for chat. This is Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki, not Chat Wiki. If you are here to chat, great, but you are required to make at least one edit when you click chat.

The Dos

Keep chatspeak at a low level. "Chatspeaking" is hard to understand and annoying, and many users may or may not tolerate it. Ex. no u ppl r vry mean!!!11!! oh, gtg eat, bai!
Speak to an administrator or chat moderator if a user is harassing or treating you badly. It is essential for the users of this wiki to be safe from harm!
Respect the staff members. They have worked hard to keep this wiki in order, and do not deserve to be treated badly after all they've done.


Cotton is a master at spotting puppet accounts. If you are caught using a puppet account to gain sympathy, to trick other users, to manipulate other users, or to make yourself a victim, you will be banned without question from chat. If you continue to bother the wiki off of chat, you will be reported as a puppet account to Wikia and banned from the wiki. Puppet accounts are a very serious offence and will not be tolerated at all.
She is also a master at spotting underage users. If you are caught being underage and it's obvious or if you are too far below the age of 13-14, you will be kicked from chat. If you persist, you will be banned from chat. You will not be reported to Wikia unless you continue to push the subject. We've been rather soft about this in the past, but the last thing we want is for our wiki to be in trouble for harbouring underage users.
More coming soon!


  1. Warning
  2. Kick
  3. Warning
  4. Ban

How to Contact a Chat Mod!

  • Message them on their talk page!
  • Find them on chat.
  • Private Message, or PM, them.

You can tell the difference between a normal user and a chat mod on chat by this: chat mods have a star symbol by their username.

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