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This Wiki is closed. All the pages are now protected. While I appreciate your support and at a time would have welcomed you, that time has passed. If you still wish to have a look around this wiki, you certainly may. It was a grand old time when people were on and active. Alas though, that time has come to an end and the only people who will be able to edit this wiki from now on will be the Head Admins. Thank you, and Goodbye! ~MeadowLink title

Warrior Cats Roleplay is a fun roleplaying site where you can make a cat and place it in one of our Clans! If you want, you can even make your own Clan!

Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki inspires creativity. We allow any colour cat (with reason), any kind of Clan. Various examples of creative Clans are CloudClan, RainbowClan, and our most infamous: DawnClan. Have fun.

Note: Please remember to read Rules of WCRW. Thank you! :)

Here's a message from our founder!

Destiny, wiki founder!
"Welcome to the Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki! After I was told that I couldn't Roleplay in my blog on the Warriors Wiki, I created this. And I welcome members of the Clan that I created this for. But it isn't just for them, it's for everybody! And I allow countless numbers of Clans. I just ask that you keep track of them. Now, if you are lost or anything, go to the main pages talk page, or talk to me or our admins. You can also go to some of the other bereaucrats, such as. Birdpaw, LunaDiviner7, Meadowwind5, and Cottonfur.So, make yourselves comfortable. But don't forget about Warriors Wiki! Enjoy!"


This Wiki needs more active users so that it can stay as one of the best Warriors Roleplay sites!

For all those who haven't, please join and help make Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki the great wiki as it was once before. 


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November 16th, 2017 – reconstruction

Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki is currently under construction and is in need of more active users, so please help out! If you are interested in revamping this wiki with others, please contact any of the admins or leave a message on ArticunaDragon101's talk page, found here.

November 16, 2017 - Brainstorming Thread

Because of the lack of users, there has been a lack of roleplays. Please join together on this  thread so we can find new ways to improve the wiki!

Featured Clan/User/Warrior

RainbowClan was one of the most active Clans on the wiki for almost 2 whole years! Created by Meadow, the Clan inspires users to be creative and to release their inner cat in their roleplay! RainbowClan has 10 archives and is currently the most edited article on the wiki!


Death is a catified form of The Pale Horseman, Death.

Death is a form of a demon, which pitch black sleek fur and stunning golden eyes that change to black when he's feeling particularly evil or angry. He is never found without his companion and mate, Dusk, who he protects throughout their adventures.

Quote of The Week

"My people are blind for a reason. To see that which no other can. War, famine, prosperity, we know it all long before you. And I, I know what happened. I know the secrets behind the fall of societies, of leaders, of Clans. I know that long ago, back when the nine Clans were 2, Dark and Light, that there was an affair between a Dark cat and a Light cat. They were both murdered. I know that the first leader of  BlueClan, the original Bluestar, killed herself, because she could handle her mate with another she-cat. I know it all." -Duskpelt (FateClan)

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