Whew! That school year was tough. And I got my first two B's... ever (on a report card, that is, although they were due to not wanting to do my homework... that was a major issue this semester).

But, the school year's over now, and I can relax. In fact, I'm coming back since I got some inspiration finally!

That doesn't mean that I'm here 24/7, though. I'll still have days where I won't be on nearly as much. Those dates include:

June 18: I've got a 1:00 pm doctor's appointment, and I make no guarantees on getting on before or after it due to the time.

Random dates between June 7 and August 12: Well, it's summer vacation between and including those dates, so I may go on a vacation, I may go swimming, I may hang out with friends since I have some IRL, or something else may come up. No dates are certain just yet, but they will happen.

Now, I won't start editing and RPing immediately, but it will be happening in the near future. I promise. Anidala and Leia x Han Shipper! 22:51, June 8, 2014 (UTC)

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