Wisteria Dusk

aka Wist, Stella

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  • I was born on May 13
  • My occupation is I currently have no occupation
  • I am a female

Hello, person which is reading this right now!

You can call me Wisteria or Wist for short.

Please forgive me if I make any mistakes. I would appreciate if you told me what I did wrong so I'll try not to repeat it again.

About me

Usually, I'm a bit shy and perhaps strict at first, but once you know me, I get very random at some points. I've read two Warrior cats books and seen a lot of spoilers that might happen later on in the series. My first language is Spanish and I've owned six cats and currently own a little poodle puppy.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________Poems and more

1. But it was

" If you wake up suddenly at the border of Canada...

I don't want to say it was Meadow,

But, it was Meadow. "

                                      -Wist on chat

3. People notice

"Tans of people notice it."

                     -Wisteria to Meadow on 4/30/2015

4. I can't look good on yellow dresses

"I look like a walking mango."

                                -Wist to Meadow on 6/17/2015

Yes, I AM aware that almost all the cats I roleplay are she- cats. I just feel uncomftarble roleplaying as a gender that I'm not in real life. That's why I don't roleplay much as males. Thank you for your understanding.

Well, that's it, I guess! If something interesting pops up, I'll update.

Goodbye, have a wonderful day!

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