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  • I live in Canada!
  • I was born on October 5
  • My occupation is wiki, all i'm gonna say
  • I am Female

This Is just a pic of 1 of my ocs Icefur

"That's because we are Pro Clan owners and epic plot makers...and awesome RPers."

-Cotton to Meadow about Cotton and Meadow. 7/14/2014

"So, now I must find out how to make them! And make them!"

-Meadow about things she wants to make. 1/27/2015

"If you wake up in the border of Canada...

I don't want to say it was Meadow,

But it was Meadow."

-Wisteria on chat. 3/1/2015


It just says Meadow lol

Cotton to Meadow on Cotton's new obsession. 5/10/2015

This is Cat Game of Thrones Cotton!

Of course it's complex!

Meadow to Cotton about the new plot 5/17/2015

Lol. Fuck her right in the pussy? No, kick him right in the ass!"

Troutie about something, 6/1/2015

"Do they have Starbucks in Canada?"

"Am I not a white girl?"

Holly to Meadow about Starbucks

"I have as many problems as Luna has character pages"

Troutie talking about problems and how meadow has 99 and cotton has billions.

"We're all just 404 Error pages "

"Looking for some womp womp wimp womb womb womb womp"

"If you womp enough you'll have something in the womb"

Meadow to Cotton about the 404 error page song. The best thing Meadow ever said. Ever.

"It isn't a go if they say no." Meadow's Anti-Rape solgan

Appearances can be deceiving

Light, fluffy, happy

On the outside

Dark, seething, cold

On the inside

It spreads

A Siren song

That grips the heart

Cold Filling your veins

Your heart

Your soul

Turning hard and black

Sucking out all light

And showing

What truly is Inside

Cotton's poem to Meadow, about Meadow 5/30/15


My name is Meadow!

My faveorite colour is Green,

My favourite animals are cats,

I love singing, 

And i'll do it all the time,

If you meet me and i'm not walking with a spring in my step(lol!) and a song on my lips,

Something's wrong,

I can't draw to save my life,

My handwriting is horrible, I can't even read it,

I'm a vegetarian, I have been since I was five.

I can dye, and sew my own clothes, one day i'd like to be able to weave my own fabric

I don't RP around here much anymore(Cotton's not here at the moement and we have like 8 plots going on at once) But i'm normally on chat most of the time.

Anyway! I'll see you around!

Elegance is always in style 23:45, January 27, 2015 (UTC)

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