Rules of WCRW

These rules are open to ideas!

Rules for this Wiki

  1. Do not alter cats or clans that aren't yours, or if you don't have permission to edit them from the own of the cat or clan.
  2. Do not steal cats or clans that you did not create, do not belong to you, or you don't have permission to own.
  3. Don't swear at admins.
  4. No spamming.
  5. Please try not to be rude to the other users on here.
  6. Please no begging to become admins. We will add you if we feel you're ready 
  7. New users cannot create clans without authority from Cotton and Meadow. See our New User Policy
  8. Do not keep asking to make a clan after being told about having to ask Cotton and Meadow.
  9. You can have as many characters as you would like in as many Clans as you want; as long as you don't flood the Clans.
  10. If a cat page is not connected to a clan page, it will be delated.
  11. Fighting will be dealt with by the admins of the wiki accordingly.
  12. You may not delete anyone's work, for it is the wiki's history. It should be remembered, even if it is something you want to forget. It may only be delated if it's useless pages without a purpose.
  13. Cotton and Meadow must agree on a new idea before it is pitched and put in place.
  14. If an administrator tells you to stop doing something, stop doing it.
  15. If you are on chat, you have three days to make your first edit. We have too many people just coming on to use chat, so the first time you open chat, you better be prepared to make good edits.
  16. You must be over the age of 13 inorder to be an admin. While unless you are under the age of 12 we will allow you to edit and become a chat mod, you must be 13 to be an Admin.
  17. Any person who an adminster think might be a stalker, pedophile, or a danger to another user, mentally or physically, can be banned with evidence.
  18. People who are on the wiki daily are asked to roleplay at least once a week. We are a roleplay site and roleplaying for your first week here won't cut it.

Rules are updated and regulated as they are released.

Administrator Rules

  • Admins cannot be biased over new users.
  • Unless there is extreme vandalism or an urgent issue occurring,Cotton can not ban without Meadow's  approval (and vice versa). If there are no other admins available on chat you must message a bureaucrat in order to receive permission to ban. This is to prevent unnecessary fights and arguments.
    • Admins may however issue a small chat ban of about 2 hours to 2 days without any other admins consent, but only if the issue is valid.

How to Report a User

Contact one of our admins or support team, and they will take action about the problem. Our wiki's administrators are as follows:

If the list is missing an admin or two please add them back into the list. Thanks.

* means also Support Team
^ means Founder
@ means bureaucrat
+ means most likely inactive

Our Support Team is a team of mainly inactive admins who only come around to help deal with arguments or major fights, but nonetheless are part of this site and need to be respected as equally as our administrators.


If you have any Questions please put them down here and they will be answered ad soon as they are seen, Thank you.

What if there is a fight?

Please contact the bureaucrats or admins of this wiki (See "How to Report a User" for the list). They will act accordingly to decide a punishment depending on the severity of the action. However, both parties may share their side of the story to the admins only, so there is no bias between parties and admins.
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