Project Goal:

  1. To give all characters a page.
  2. To make all character pages up to standard (Silver or Higher)

Project Members:

Leader: Elorisa

Deputy: Undecided

Senior Warriors: Destiny Calling, Dove, Loveleaf, 4pinkbear.

Warriors: Birdpaw, Mistfire

Apprentices: Shinystar, Aspen, Wild

Elders: None.

Nothing to edit? Here's some things to do:

  • Add quotes: Quotes give a character depth, they show something that they think and/or thought. The quote template can be found Here.
  • List the characters family: Family is important too. List all family members known, in the Charbox or outside in a different section. The order to list them in is: Mate, Kits, Grandkits (If Any, same with gerenations after it), Mother, Father, any Siblings, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Nieces/Nephews, ect.
  • Add any images the character might have: Any images approved by PCA will go on the character's page. Also, if the roleplayer desires one, a real-life image may go up too.
  • Expand History: If the character has a small history, expand on the things they did, if possible.


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