The Dark Rogues is an extension of PTG owned by 4pinkbear. They function and act the same as it as well.

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The Dark Rogues is a group of rogues who work for PTG. They get any extra kits born and give PTG most cats reproduced.


Wetstar had her first kits 4 moons ago...they were growing quickly. Soon, 2 more moons, and little Shardkit, the only kit that wasn't Mountainrush's, would be an apprentice. Finchsong was dying, as well...the poor medicine cat. Wetstar sighed angrily and licked her paws, before she decided to explore. Besides, she couldn't resist the familar smells coming from Dark Rogues territory...

She gulped, and then padded across warily, eyes keen, but shaky. She wandered, until she felt she was being watched. She suddenly lost track of her scent, unable to turn around and get back. She was in the heat again, she realized as she lowered herself to get a drink of water. A silver and black tabby tom's reflection was next to, it wasn't a reflection, there was a tom next to her!

"Who are you!?" she hissed, but then froze. This tom was eerily scenting of not only Dark Rogues, but Past-Time Grove, and Dark Forest!

"The name's Charcoal. You? No, I know who you are. Wetstar. You won't resist me. I come in many pelt colors, some others call me Jack, but I want you to know me as Charcoal." he mewed, eyes turning red. She felt an urge, and got into mating position. He grabbed her scruff, positioning her with his forepaws, pressing against her back. His bite was rough, she was somewhat paralyzed as he held her, and then he injected, withdrawing, mating her several times. She squeezed her muscles tight, crossing her hindlegs hard.

Her belly slowly began to swell. Kits wriggled in her belly, only about 2 so far. There would be more, she knew. He got rougher, holding inside her and rubbing around with his spikes. She squeezed harder, but she wanted to be mated. Three kits.

And he let go. Four kits wriggled in her belly. His was so familiar...and then she blinked. She was back in her territory. Still swollen with kits...

Violet Winter is here, listen the icy cold... 21:07, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

Zakkusu and Rakushinu silently watched, a look of disgust on Rakushinu's face. Zakkusu had just mated her, and her belly was swollen with their kits, three of them.

"Why don't we try to get out of here, she said, trying not to be sick.

"That might be a bit difficult, but we need to eventually. I refuse to raise our kits in this place!" replied the black tom, his blue eyes wary of other cats.

"Let's try to get to HackClan soon," said Rakushinu. "That's where our other kits have escaped to." Happy New Year; happiest wishes from Siexle, the Feather of Fright 21:15, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

Jack whipped around, noticing Zakkusu.

"Do you know what the plan is? The plan is to mate with almost all the female clan leaders. Once they have their kits, they'll surely return, due to a spell I put on them when I mate with them. When they do, I will mate them again, and lock each into a special cell to hold them hostage. Of course, it has automatic feeders and the waterfall supplies them with drinking water. Of course, there are over 1000 cells, and at 5:00 PM exactly, they unlock to eachother so they can all take a break and relax in a special chamber. But that's not the best part. Their pitiful clan cats will come to rescue them, and when they do...

Since they will give up anything to get their poor leaders back, they will give us anything. So they will forfeit any she-cats not in the nursery that we find suitable, and lock them up in exchange for their leaders. Once they come back to get their she-cats, we will kill all the toms and capture the leader!" he mewed, and then padded away, towards the LeafClan border, far from his "companions".

This time, he would take their leader after mating her and have her locked up. Then, hopefully, he will produce some toms to sent to PTG.

He turned into a red-brown tom with green eyes, letting an attraction-scent waver over the border. Only Brightstar, of course, smelled it, and she followed his scent all the way into his trap, where she fell into his capturing-den.

"Hello." he mewed, creeping out of the shadows with a smile.

Violet Winter is here, listen the icy cold... 01:47, January 7, 2012 (UTC)

Zakkusu backed away slowly to where he had hidden Rakushinu.

"We need to escape. Now," he said. Rakushinu nodded, getting to her paws.

"Let's go," she mewed, her yellow-ginger fur ruffled slightly. Zakkusu nodded, his spiky black fur bristling, and they were off, heading toward HackClan. Lecxia; Serxtink; Siexle :) 01:00, January 18, 2012 (UTC)

He heard Zakkusu and Rakushinu leave the border, but that was fine. He didn't need them.

After mating Brightstar enough, he locked the pregnant she-cat up in a cell, where she could give birth and raise the kits by herself.

He slank out of his underground nesting room to search for his next leader victim, only to pad nearby a purple-grey she-cat with purple eyes. She turned, eyes glittery, noticing him.

"Hello. I'm Violetwhisper. You are?" she mewed. Her stripes glimmer in the moonlight. He'd take this one, yes, because she was pretty, and had willpower. He put on his attraction scent to woo her into a love spell.

"It's about to rain. I'm Jack. Come on inside." he mewed, and unlocked his soundproof door. She nodded lovingly, and went inside. He already could tell his spell activated her heat cycle-she'd be easier to turn into a mate. He was already truely in love with her.

He locked the door impossibly tight so that she couldn't escape. It was eerily dark.

"You ready?" he mewed.

"For...what?" she mewed. He sniffed her gently, and she moved into perfect position. He grabbed her scruff.

He mated her once, and then positioned her with his paws.

"Wait-you rapist! Let me go!" she screeched. The walls were soundproof so no one could rescue her. He slowly injected again, and then withdrew, and then repeated more quickly. She hissed in horror, trying to free herself.

"You will be my mate forever and ever, stop resisting and recognize how much love you have for me." he mewed softly, and bit down harder. She slowly stopped resisting, but her belly still had not a single kit inside. She had the willpower not to bear his kits-which he would soon diminish.

"Shh...You won't resist having your own set of kits. How old are you, sweetie?" he asked, and injected harder. It's like as if she put a barrier inside her...that's it. She had.

"24 moons. Now let me go!" she hissed.

He used more attraction scent on her, and kept injecting and withdrawing. Finally, spines raked her insides. The barrier was diminished. The first kit began to swell her belly. She winced as he held inside her, rubbing back and forth to add on pain. Her stomach was swollen with another, and another....she let go. She instantly fell in love. He shut her away in a cell and snickered as she watched him go.

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Sebastian led Meyrin through the portal.

Jack good-heartingly chuckled.

"Eh Sebastian! My-oh, you have a guest? Time for that heir?" he mewed.

"The D ordered me to find one. Instead, I'm making one."

Meyrin blinked nervously.

"Wot are you going to do, Sebastian?" she tried to ask cheerily, but she felt dull and sad in here.

"You will see, Meyrin. Jack, may I ask kindly to borrow a blindfold?"

Jack nodded, tossing a pitch black one.

Sebastian led Meyrin over to a mating chamber. She sat down as he tied the blindfold tight over her eyes, setting her glasses down.

He nudged her down, cuffing her paws to the ground. He bit her scruff.

Meyrin whimpered uneasily, unsure of what was about to happen.

He injected, carefully slipping into her and pumping slowly up and down, hooking the spikes into her sides. He held still, then bit her scruff, brutally mating her. She was completely unaware that he was mating her, she obviously didn't take any health classes when she was younger.

Her stomach was slightly swollen as he prodded it with his paw. She whimpered a bit more as he injected one more time, rubbing briskly back and forth to add a twinge of sting. She was pregnant, all right, he had succeeded, but she could wait a moon for the kits to come. He didn't want anyone to link him to her rape.

That would have to do.

He withdrew, then removed her blindfold and returned her glasses. She sat up, feeling her belly.

"Wot did you do to me?" she meowed shakily.

"Nothing that is wrong. However, you are not allowed to speak of this to anyone, or I will have Jack do worse upon you." he growled sternly.

She nodded.

"Wot is inside me?" she squeaked, feeling a light squirm as she prodded her stomach. She didn't even know what pregnancy was!

"You'll find out soon enough. Again, you are not to reveal anything." he replied.

" injected something into me. It hurt." she whimpered.

"Follow me." he ordered, nudging her towards the portal, returning to KuroClan.

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(Andante and Allegro are complete opposites. Andante loves his job, while Allegro wants to get away.)

Andante and Allegro watched the two she-kits walk by in front of them. They had no idea that they were being watched.

"Now, Allegro!" hissed Andante quietly before the reddish-brown tom darted out of the tree he and his brother were hiding in. He grabbed one of the she-kits, a silver and white tabby, and ran away, hiding her in a nearby bush.

Uneasily, Allegro followed, becoming a pale ginger blur as he grabbed the other she-kit, with a black and white fur pattern, and hid in a bush away from Andante. He hated life here, with the routine of mating she-cats, but he didn't want to leave his brother. Andante was the only family he had left.

The tabby she-kit tried to get away from Andante, but it was no use. She had been forced into a mating positon.

"How old are you?" asked Andante.

"Six moons," answered the tiny kit, trembling as the larger tom mounted her.

"Odd," he mewed. "You're fully matured." Slowly, Andante injected into the little tabby, trying to make things as painful as he could for the it. She screamed in agony as Andante's spikes raked inside of her.

"Shh, little one," mewed the reddish-brown tom cooly. "Just close your injection hole or things will get much much worse."

Whimpering, the tabby closed her injection hole and crossed her legs, and Andante's mating organ swelled inside of her. They were stuck. As Andante pumped more pollen into her, the kit could feel kits of her own blooming inside of her. One kit, two kits, and then Andante slowly and painfully withdew from the tabby kit, who scampered away as fast as she could, slightly unsteady on her legs.

Meanwhile, Allegro had also forced the black and white kit into a mating position and unwillingly mounted her. He injected in quickly, trying to be gentle (but failing) as he mated the little kit. She whimpered in pain as she felt kits begin blossoming. One, two, three, four, five kits before Allegro withdrew as gently as possible (but again, failed) and ran off. The black and white kit, a little unsteady on her legs, ran almost drunkenly out of the bush and followed her sister's scent. Paradichlorobenzene~ колколколколколколкол 00:10, May 26, 2012 (UTC)

Andante grinned as he finished up his den. He had made sure that everything was soundproof, and he had a machine that would brutally mate any she-cat he wanted for him. He could also chain and strap them into perfect mating position for his regular brutal mating. There were cells that supplied plenty of prey and water to the she-cats, and they always had fresh bedding. This way the cats could raise their kits on their own.

He walked out of the cleverly camouflaged door and began watching a black she-cat with red ears. She was a beauty... and she would soon be his forever.

Andante slowly walked out of his hiding place and smiled at the she-cat in an alluring fashion. "Hello there, beautiful~"

The she-cat blinked, her ruby-colored eyes entranced by Andante. "Hello. I'm Lin. What might your name be?"

"Andante," he answered, then he looked up at the cloudy sky. "It looks like rain soon. Why don't you come stay with me?"

Lin nodded and followed Andante back to his soundproof den. The tom grinned as Lin entered, and Andante quickly knocked her unconscious so he could strap her into mating position and quickly insert a microchip into the back of her head to find and control her.

As Lin regained consciousness, she found herself unable to move. She was strapped into mating position, and her paws were bound in heavy chains.

Andante's grin grew wider and more wicked as he mounted the black she-cat.

"W-what are you going to do to me, Andante?" she asked, scared.

"Not much," he replied to Lin, "except this!" He slowly injected into her, trying to make things as painful as possible for Lin.

Lin screamed as Andante's spikes seemed to tear her insides apart. She was in a trance that Andante put on her, which caused her to close her injection hole and cross her legs tighly. She already felt one kit curled up into a ball inside of her. Then two, three, and it was over as Andante slowly, painfully withdrew himself.

He activated the microchip to control her movements and unstrapped her as he guided her over to a special machine. He had forced Allegro to donate pollen to it, and Andante had donated plenty himself. He locked Lin inside the chamber of the machine, quickly pumped more of his pollen into the machine, and turned it on.

Lin gasped as several chains wrapped around her, forcing her down into a mating position again. Then, a slender tube came over toward her and inserted itself into her hindquarders. Once again, her injection hole was forced shut, and her legs crossed as the machine activated fully. The pollen was pumped into Lin with the force of at least 100 toms all mating her at once. She screamed, but the walls of the chamber she was in was also soundproof.

Andante just grinned as Lin's belly swelled with kits. Occasionally he would add more pollen to the machine so that it could continue to mate her. Finally, he decided that he had enough of mating Lin and deactivated the machine.

Lin felt the tube unlatch itself from her hindquarters with the same amount of pain that Andante caused. She could feel twelve rapidly growing kits inside of her. It wouldn't be long before she would give birth.

Andante quickly locked her up in a cell and went out to find more she-cats to do the same to. Paradichlorobenzene~ колколколколколколкол 14:15, May 26, 2012 (UTC)

Jack stood outside of his mating chamber, door shut behind him. A young she-cat, about 12 moons, was soaked in the rain, lying in a puddle half-conscious. There was blood coating her fur, as if she had been left to die.

Jack padded out towards her.

She looked up wearily and tired, panting heavily.

"I'm Jack. You're hurt. Come along with me and I'll clean you up." he meowed, flicking his tail.

"I'm Molly." she stammered, slowly and painfully standing up.

About 10 minutes later, he had cleansed her wounds completely.

"I can go now." she meowed, padding towards the door.

"Why the rush?" he mewed, staring at her.

He leaped forward and grabbed her scruff, pushing her into mating position and holding her down.

"What are you doing?" she shrieked. He injected quickly, rubbing back and forth. His mating organ slowly began to swell as he mated her brutally, until it was stuck. Jack held her still as she craned her neck upwards, trying to rip free.

She screamed, wriggling back and forth to cut him off, but Jack held ground, stidifcking his spines deep in her injection hole. She froze as he stimulated her mind by mating her again. He withdrew, licking his tail, and then dragged her away.

Like Andante, he had a mating machine, but slightly different.

He chained her down, keeping her in position. She tried to fight back, but her paws were cuffed to the ground, her swollen belly chained down, and her neck had a chain around it like a dog to a pole.

A tube slowly came towards her, then slowly injected into her hindlegs. Nothing was happening, but the spikes on the edges sort of hurt.

She whimpered, trying to expel it, but it was connecting her to a machine. Another tube connected itself to Jack's mating organ, sucking pollen out and into the machine, which shot it into Molly. She spat, clawing into the ground, then screamed for help.

Another tube with a needle stabbed her in the back of the head, injecting a microchip into her brain, then vanished back into the ceiling. The machine pumped back and forth in her injection hole. Her belly hurt immensily, and her tail swished side to side as her stomach swelled. She crossed her hindlegs, forcing the hole shut and stuck to the machine.

When Jack got really bored, he moved Molly to a cell and went back outside, nodding to Andante as he passed.

~Icewhisper~I melt in the shadows like snow... but fire cannot melt me. 22:58, May 26, 2012 (UTC)

Andante nodded to Jack and decided to go see if he could attract SpellClan she-cats.

(This is where the SpellClan prophecy starts)

By what seemed to be a miracle for him, Andante managed to attract several SpellClan she-cats: Mintheart, Luneflower, Stardustmint, Trickspell, Petalhope, Luckblossom, Cocoaswirl, and Butterflywind. He quickly knocked tem all unconscious and began to modify his machine to fit and mate more she-cats at once. He padded out of his den, making sure that all the she-cats were still unconscious, quickly microchiped them, and went to find Allegro.

He finally found them tom hiding out in a hollowed-out fallen tree. "Allegro," he hissed, "I need you for something important back in my den."

Allegro sighed, shaking his pale ginger fur off as he got to his paws and unwillingly followed his brother. He felt controlled by him, but he was family. Their mother had been struck by lightning, and their father abandoned them. Allegro knew that's where Andante became messed up.

Back in Andante's den, Allegro was being forced to supply pollen to Andante's machine.

"Andante," he asked tentatively, "why do you enjoy this?" Andante didn't answer.

"Alright, brother, you can leave," he mewed harshly. The pale ginger tom wasted no time in getting out of there. He didn't want to be linked to anything related to what Andante was about to do.

Meanwhile, Andante was making a few final modifications to his machine. There were more tubes (he had added another seven to the original), and the chamber was large enough to hold all eight she-cats. A sadistic grin spread on his face.

"Perfect," he mewed. He had the she-cats chained in, and was about to close the door to the chamber when he heard Luneflower whisper, "You've just made a big mistake." He shook off the thought and shut the door.

Before Andante turned the machine on, he supplied the machine with a little more of his pollen, and then turned it on.

Luneflower, her sisters, and Luckblossom all knew that the tubes were coming, so they were prepared. The other four, however, had no idea and almost jumped in suprise as the tubes latched themself in their hindquarters. As the machine turned on and mated the she-cats, Luneflower, Stardustmint, Trickspell, and Luckblossom all had strong enough willpower to form a barrier to not have kits. The others, however, were screaming. Each of them were swollen with kits.

Andante hissed as Luneflower and her sisters/half-sister were resisting the mating. He forced the power up more. Luckblossom finally gave in amost immediatly after Andante turned it up, followed by Stardustmint. But Luneflower and Trickspell were still resisting. Andante just turned it up more, and Luneflower gave up. Slowly, Andante turned the dial up another notch, and Trickspell finally gave in.

Perfect, he thought. I've finally gotten them to stop resisting. His sadistic grin grew wider as each of the she-cat became heavily pregnant with kits.

After a while, Andante had enough of the SpellClan she-cats. He shut off the machine, but left the tubes latched inside them to check the kits. Luneflower had five kits, though one would be born without the sense of smell. Stardustmint had six perfect kits, Luckblossom had seven kits, with three that would be born with their ears curled backwards (still perfectly healthy and able to hear fine, though). Trickspell had three fine kits growing inside of her. Mintheart, Petalhope, and Cocoaswirl each had nine kits, and Butterflywind had ten. All of them would be born healthy.

Andate unlatched the she-cats from the machine and locked them away in individual cells. He checked on Lin, who had given birth to twelve slightly undersized but healthy kits, almost all of them black with ruby eyes (there was a red-brown one with crystalline-green eyes like Andante, and a pale ginger one with light blue-amber eyes like Allegro). She was his one true love.


(Lin's kits' names are all inItalian. They mean, in order, invisible, phantom, spell, dark, water, sky, night, flare, flutter, ruby, crystal, and azure.

It is true that Andante and Lin are in love, and Andante will let Lin care for her kits until they're ready.)

Inside of her cell, Lin gently washed her kits. She had twelve of them to care for, seven toms and five she-cats. She had already named each of them:

Her seven black-furred, ruby-eyed toms were named Invisibile, Fantasma, Sortilegio, Tenebre, Acqua, Cielo, and Notte. Her three black-furred, ruby-eyed she-cats were named Fiammata, Svolazzare, and Rubino. Her red-brown she-cat was named Cristallo, for her eyes, and her pale ginger she-cat was named Azzurro, for the blue in her eyes.

The black ones were suprisingly easy to tell apart because they all had their own minor differences. Invisibile had a white paw, Fantasma had all white paws, Sotilegio had a silver tail, Tenebre was pure black, Acqua had a blue-gray ear tip, Cielo had one light brown ear, Notte had a few white flecks in his pelt, Fiammata had a ginger flame marking on her chest, Svolazzare had silver wing markings on her flanks, and Rubino looked like a miniature Lin with her red ears.

"Aw, mom!" mewed an annoyed Cristallo, or Crist for short, as she was washed, her green eyes showing her annoyance. "Please, stop it! You're embarrassing me!"

"In front of your siblings?" questioned Lin, a laugh at the edge of her voice. Andante might be rough with her, but she loved him, and she knew he loved her back. This is why he told her that she would be caing for her kits until they were able to find she-cats to mate, or to be mated by a tom, depending on their gender.

Crist huffed in defeat. Paradichlorobenzene~ колколколколколколкол 18:51, May 27, 2012 (UTC)-

Grell vanished behind a door. Avangeline winced as black curtains draped over the glass windows, leaving her utterly alone.

Locked in place, she couldn't do anything really. She flattened her ears in nervousness as she remembered what had happened in the last few moments.

A golden tom talking to him.

Then, Grell turned on her, meowing, "This is because I love you..."

Then she was locked down here.

She whipped her head around as a machine activated. She couldn't see or hear Grell anymore.

She started to whimper as it pinned her tail to her side. A silver tube slowly came closer, until it jabbed forward, injecting swiftly into her injection hole and forcing her to cross her hindlegs. She squeezed until it shut, letting its spiked edges rake inside her.

Ava yowled for a moment in pain, ears flicking, as it rubbed back and forth, pollen seeping into her.

She struggled as a needle injected into her side that forced her to move her hindquarters upwards to let the pollen travel further. Soon enough, she was allowed to relax. The cuffs on her paws unlocked, allowing her to lay on her side as the machine stayed in her hindquarters, still pumping pollen.

After a while, she sat up carefully while the tube seeded her. Her stomach was plump with kits as she prodded it with a paw. She writhed as the machine started rubbing back and forth again, vibrating and forming a lump in the back of her hindquarters. It was too big to fit in her injection hole right, for she was only 8 moons old.

She nipped at the lump, trying to free herself, but then flopped on her side again, curling her tail around her overly swollen belly.

The tube painfully yanked out of her, vanishing back in the machine. A spasm raked through her.


She had three kits at her belly quickly. Grell smiled affectionately. She purred in relief, licking her kits foreheads.

"Can we name the gray one Silvine?" Grell mewed, licking the kit gently. It mewled, opening its red eyes.

"Of course." Ava replied, tail flicking.

"And the red one can be Frederick." he added.

"Then the blue-gray one is Alison." she mewed. They twined their tails, and he put his nose to her muzzle.

The golden tom returned.

"Grell. Take one kit and go. It is my time, as you agreed."

Grell's eyes turned dark.

He licked Ava lovingly, and mewed, "I'll see you when you return to our realm."

Grell grabbed Alison, carefully wrapping her in a soft blanket, placing her in his bag, and vanished.

Jack took Frederick and Silvine, putting them in a tube and sending them off.

"What are you going to do to them?" Ava hissed, eyes narrow.

"They'll be raised as Dark Rogues for the rest of their life. Silvine will be mated day and night, and Frederick will be linked to a she-cat who will be treated the same. And Grell had agreed that if he got to use the machine-which would be less painful-I could mate you."

Jack grabbed her scruff, pinning her to the ground, and injected sharply. She yowled as he withdrew.

"There." he mewed.

Her belly began to swell as the pollen traveled through her, eyes narrow.

She gave birth to five kits, all taken away. He swiftly knocked her out, and when she awoke, she was on the front lawn of the Phantomhive Manor.

~Icewhisper~I melt in the shadows like snow... but fire cannot melt me. 22:44, June 3, 2012 (UTC)

Ashes watched a cream and tortoiseshell she-cat with a brown spotted tail. His pale gray, blue-gray, and white fur was slightly ruffled from the light breeze, and his greenish-blue eyes shimmered at the thought of this she-cat being his. He had lost his former mate, Nutmeg, after he had realized that he had never loved her, even though she had loved him. Now, he had joined the Dark Rogues.

"Why, hello there," he mewed seductively. The she-cat turned, her amber eyes twinkling.

"Oh, hello," she mewed. "I'm Saïline. Who are you?"

"All you need to know it that my name's Ashes," he replied. "Say, you look lonely. Why don't you come back to my den and stay with me for a while?"

Saïline's eyes widened. "Really?! I've been hoping someone would say that for the past five moons! After my parents and brother died, I've been wandering around, lonely."

The two of them went to Ashes' den, which looked almost exactly like Andante's.

Once they were inside, Ashes swiftly knocked Saïline out, microchiped her, and blindfolded her.

Saïline regained consciousness only to find a white blindfold tied around her eyes. She had unconsciously moved into a mating position, but realized the mistake with that when she felt a cat (she thought it was Ashes) mount her.

Ashes, who had indeed mounted her, positioned her with his paws and injected into her. Saïline whimpered slightly as he did so.

"Shh, Saïline," he whispered. "Just squeeze as hard as you possibly can, and it'll be over before you know it."

The she-cat obeyed, squeezing her injection hole and crossing her legs.

"Tighter, my dear, or it'll hurt much more."

Saïline crossed her legs harder, which shut her injection hole. She began whimpering again as Ashes began to pump his pollen into her. His mating organ swelled until he was completely stuck inside of her. She just squeezed, keeping them locked together. She kind of wanted these kits, even though Ashes was a bit rough with the mating. She could feel him rubbing inside of her, and it stung, but she knew it was for the kits. She already felt three, and knew that there would be more of them.

Ashes continued to mate Saïline until he felt satisfied. He withdrew, with Saïline whimpering once again.

Saïline prodded her stomach with a paw. She felt six kits inside of her. They were growing unnaturally fast, so she knew that she'd be giving birth soon. And soon enough, after Ashes had shut her in one of the cells, a series of spasms raked through her.


Saïline licked her six little kits gently. She had named them Tear, a cream and blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes, Life, a black tom with green eyes, Voice, a ginger tom with dark amber eyes, Sound, a tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes, Proof, a spotted gray tom with amber eyes, and Snowï, a white she-cat with a spotted brown tail and blue-green eyes. Ashes hadn't taken them away just yet.


Meanwhile with Andante and the others...

Luneflower and the other SpellClan cats had already given birth to their kits, and they had all been taken.

"Filthy rapist!" hissed Mintheart. She had suffered through this once before, and that resulted in Luckblossom and her brothers.

Andante just said nothing. He was going to see if he could get every SpellClan cat there, then kill the toms and take over SpellClan.

Stardustmint, who had been placed next to Cocoaswirl, her mate, reached a paw into the other she-cat's cell through one of the spaces between the cage-like bars. Cocoaswirl accepted it gratefully.

(And now for the end of the SpellClan prophecy...)

Allegro hid outside with a few other SpellClan cats, namely Lunarspell, Wolfnight, Nightheart, Fangsilver, and Hawkblaze.

"Alright, at least two of you need to keep Andante pinned down, while the others unlock the she-cats. Don't let the black she-cat with the twelve kits go, though. Andante loves her, and she loves him back," he mewed to the others. "I need to get out of here while I'm still able, because after this, Andante will keep me here to mate she-cats forever."

"Alright, you go, Allegro," mewed Lunarspell. "May StarClan light your path."

Allegro took off as the SpellClan cats managed to break into Andante's den. Wolfnight and Fangsilver managed to pin Andante down, even though he struggled, while Lunarspell, Nightheart, and Hawkblaze managed to unlock the cages the SpellClan she-cats were in.

"You thought that it would be that easy!?" mewed Andante, breaking free. "It'll take much more than holding me down to get these she-cat's free!"

He activated the various defense mechanisms that he had hidden, mostly chains. Andante didn't realize that almost all of these cats were in a propehesy at one point, though.

Stardustmint was ready, though, and quickly flew upwards, though she had no wings. Luneflower allowed herself to go berserk, while Trickspell began to sing, trying to torment Andante. Neither of their powers had affected Andante, but the chains lay broken on the ground.

I have to use my power soon enough, thought Luckblossom. I forgot that I could change reality so that none of this ever happened except that the Darkness was defeated, even though I'll be completely clueless afterward.

Nightheart camoflauged himself and tried to attack Andante that way, but he also failed. Lunarspell didn't want to try to go berserk, as it would only drain him and have no affect on Andante. Mintheart knew her psychic abilities were practically useless, as she wouldn't be able to alter anything with Andante.

Wolfnight got really angry. "That's it!" he yelled, morphing into a wolf. He tackled Andante to the ground and bit his neck, not hard enough to kill him, but hard enough that he would know never to mess with SpellClan. Fangsilver, who had slightly enhanced strength, and Hawkblaze, who was now a hawk, joined Wolfnight.

When the toms had enough, Luckblossom began to concentrate on altering reality. She wanted none of this to have happened except for the prophecy to be over. The kits themselves would still exist, but they wouldn't be their kits.

Sure enough, Andante's den began changing to SpellClan camp, and when Luckblossom had finished, she had forgotten everything. Illusionspell ran over to her and nuzzled her.

Andante, however, was angry. He had lost to a SpellClan she-cat who altered reality. He had thought for sure that he had mated them before, though he wasn't sure. He might be thinking of another cat. Rainbow Dash Rainbow dash cutie mark by sirspikensons-d4ke17w 15:04, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

Shadowfeather put on a cloak and prowled outside. Icestar, tired, had slumped to the ground right across the boundary.

"Time for revenge and romance..." he squealed almost silently to himself as he seized her unconscious body and dragged her inside.

She spat, waking up, but realized there was a blindfold on her eyes. She felt a CLICK on her ear. He bit down hard on her scruff.

Icestar moved slightly, and he bit her scruff, forcing her into mating position with a shove.

"It's me." Shadowfeather mewed, using his hindlegs to mount on her. He wrapped his forepaws around her chest.

"I always knew you'd try and pull something, Shadowfeather." she spat. She hissed as he injected slowly, stilling her flank as the pollen began to pump out of his swelling mating organ.

"I'm going to mate you up with my kits, not Darkgaze's."

"Darkgaze is dead!" she half-cried, half-growled.

She flinched as he rubbed the spikes against her side back and forth. Her sides heaved as she resisted heavily.

"I don't care about my brother." he growled, working her injection hole. She crossed her hindlegs, squeezing until it was shut, and hissed again, claws scrabbling against the ground. He held her still again.

"Icestar, I love how you tease. Time for you to get pregnant, though, with a new litter. C'mon, feel the relaxing pain as I burrow into you. We were made for each other."

Icestar shook her ice-blue fur out, which blinded him for a second as he slipped a little further into her injection hole. She put a paw to her slightly swollen belly, knowing there was a kit inside, and growled, backing him up into the wall, where he fell off, his mating organ withdrawing slowly and harshly as she screamed in pain. Her blindfold flew off, and she licked her tail carefully, wriggling on the ground. Icestar panted, blue eyes nervously flickering around.

~ Grell Sutcliff ~Oooooh Bassy, I adore your games~ 23:49, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

Ashes wanted to test out his new mating machine, a sort of present from Andante. He didn't want to take away Saïline's kits or mate her again (why, he didn't really know) quite yet, but he thought he would test it out on one of them, specifically Tear, the oldest. Of course, they were aging almost unnatually rapidly, so Tear was at mating age. He also thought Life, the oldest tom, was ready to learn the ropes of the Dark Rogues, so Ashes figured he'd teach the black tom to the best of his abilities.

He padded over to Saïline's cell and removed Tear and Life.

"Alright, Life, congratulations, you are ready to become a Dark Rogue," he mewed to the tom as he led the two cats over to his mating machine. "I figured I'd start you two out with this. This is my special machine. Tear, if you could go inside the little chamber, that'd be perfect."

Tear, wondering why she was let out, entered the soundproof chamber. The little door she entered through shut and locked, and pure white curtains were draped around it, blocking her view of anything outside of the chamber. She quickly circled around, noticing a machine at one end, and wondered what it did.

Outside, Ashes was explaining the basics of the chamber to Life.

"So I'm going to mate Tear through this machine?" he asked when Ashes was done. The older tom nodded, activating the first half of the machine to allow Life's pollen to be added. A tube came off of the machine and attatched itself to Life's mating organ, sucking pollen out and supplying the machine. Life wasn't sure he enjoyed what he thought life was here, but he also thought it was for the best.

"Alright, I think that's enought for now," Ashes mewed as he deactivated that half. The tube released from Life and slunk back into the machine. "We'll probably have you supply more later."

Ashes activated the rest of the machine. "Now, Tear will be mated."

Inside the chamber, several chains attatched themselves to Tear, immobilizing her. Her tail was pinned out of the way as she managed to crane her neck, noticing a slender silvery tube about to latch itself in her hindquarters. As it latched inside of her, she gave a small hiss. Not much was happening, but it was stinging a bit. She tried to expel the tube, to no avail. It was firmly latched inside of her, though not completely stuck. And then the real pain started...

Life's pollen was being injected into her as the tube rubbed back and forth. She crossed her hindlegs, squeezing her injection hole until it shut completely, locking her to the machine. She screamed, though no one heard her.

Life didn't really like the idea of this, as the curtains shifted for a moment and he saw Tear in pain. While Ashes wasn't looking, he shut the machine off.

"I think I've had enough of this for now," he mewed, feeling sick to his stomach.

"Alright, my apprentice. You are allowed to stop whenever you are satisfied. Your brothers are going to learn the same thing later."

Life led Tear over to a cell adjacent to Saïline's, whispering, "I'm sorry, sis," in her ear. Tear's belly was swollen with two kits.

"I understand," she whispered back to him. Rainbow Dash Rainbow dash cutie mark by sirspikensons-d4ke17w 20:43, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

Cherryflower growled as Darkbloom pinned her down, wrapping a blindfold over her eyes. He quickly injected.

"This is absurb! I'm a medicine cat!" she yelped, kicking her hindlegs.

He rubbed back and forth, his spikes poking her insides.

"Yes, but you will be my first medicine cat of my own clan, where they can have kits." he whispered in her ear. She winced as he made her shut her injection hole.

He bit her scruff harder. Her memories began to fade as he send stimulations to her mind from his mating organ.

"Who is your mate?" he mewed in her ear. He mated her harder, making her hindquarters move up as he swelled his mating organ.

"N-no one..." Cherryflower hissed. He withdrew, then injected again, making sure he was sending pulses to her brain.

He was trying to control her!

She snarled, claws unsheathing as she held on, but her memories were changing already as he stimulated her spine. A ripple of emotion as he wrapped his paws around her belly and jabbed back and forth was overwhelming for the medicine cat.

"Who is the father of your kits? The cat you love?" Darkbloom crooned.

Her belly was swollen with kits.

"You are."

~ Grell Sutcliff ~Oooooh Bassy, I adore your games~ 01:21, June 25, 2012 (UTC)

Destiny stepped across the border, eyes narrow. Her ears twitched, listening for any sound until she began to chase the unusually colored butterfly, eyes widening as she tripped in the green grass. There was a CLICK and she fell into the deep hole.


"Hello Destiny Sutcliff."

The silver-and-cream tom grinned evilly down on her. He licked her hindquarters flirtatiously.

She growled, her bright ginger fur fluffing out.

"Let me go!" she shrieked, struggling in the chained collar keeping her head to the ground.

"I don't think so, love." the amber-eyed tom mewed, licking her hindquarters again, then mounting on top of her. He shoved her paws under her belly.

"I'm really going to enjoy you. You're my first mistress and I'm going to enjoy the feel of your insides. You are too. Very, very much." he squealed, shoving her tail away.

"Who are you, demon?" Destiny growled, her shinigami eyes blazing.

"I'm Sandnight, your demon mate." he mewed, then injected, making sure it was slow and painful. A growl rose in her throat as he pumped pollen into her. The spines raked and sank into her injection hole. He rubbed his mating organ against her sides. Her belly ached as it swelled with kits.

☮Violetofen4☮ℒℑ$✞€ℕ Ṱϴ УѺṲℜ ĦℰÅℜ✞❣ 20:48, June 29, 2012 (UTC)

Destiny was freed back to her own home, her belly swollen with twenty kits, all of which, after birth, she put in a soft basket and left at the door of an orphanage. She stared at them briefly, yearning to keep them, but what would she tell her friends?

She padded away, when an old cat opened the door and stopped her.

"You're leavin' all these kits 'ere? We can't take 'em all. Take two." she spat.

Destiny carefully took out a tom and a she-cat. The old cat sneered and picked up the basket.

"G'day, lady. We'll find good homes for 'em."

Destiny hid in an alley, curling the two kits at her stomach. Her half-demon, half-Shinigami kits.

"I'll name you Peter, and you Isabella." she mewed.

Destiny felt the world around her changing again. She was back in the mating chamber, her two kits being fed by a machine designed to look and feel like a mother cat. She slammed herself into the glass, trying to get them back.

 Violet  Talk to me!  Edits  Main Wiki   23:48,7/12/2012  23:48, July 12, 2012 (UTC) 22:36, July 19, 2012 (UTC)

Himeheart ran frantically away from the black tabby tom chasing her. Her paws thudded against the ground.

"Get away, freakazoid!" she snapped furiously, but stepped on a sharp twig. He found her location and was gaining speed, as she was losing it.

Her ginger fur bristled as he chased her far, outside the territories, but close to one of the several Dark Rogues territories outside of the main clan area. He lunged, grabbing her scruff, holding her forelegs in a grip around her waist with his front paws.

Himeheart struggled but couldn't seem to free herself as he scooted his way on top of her, half-dragging her down into a mating chamber he made for her. She couldn't escape as he bit harder on her scruff, almost paralyzing her. He put a chain around her neck to keep her to a spot.

He purred as he injected, carefully rubbing back and forth to let pollen into her injection hole. She snapped viciously as her stomach began to swell with kits.

 Violet  Talk to me!  Edits  Main Wiki   23:48,7/12/2012  23:48, July 12, 2012 (UTC)

Mintsong padded to the edge of her territory. She was a rogue now. She had to get away from her evil clan.

She lay down on her belly in the soft green grass clearing. She yawned and stretched riefly before realizeing she was being watched by a multi-colored tom with glinting amberf eyes. His gaze bore into hers.

Before she could run he leaped and grabbed her scruff, holding her body to the ground and forcing her tail aside.

"You aren't going anywhere, buttercup." he mewed.

"Who are you? What do you want with me?" she growled.

He grinned and bit her scruff harder, holding her down in mating position. He swiftly injected, pumping pollen into her injection hole. She let out a hiss and struggled, but he held ground, rubbing around to let it flow more.

"My name is Thrush, I'm a traveling wanderer that loves she-cats. I've gotten every single one I've met pregnant with my kits, and then I take each little one and sell them to the Dark Forest Army."

His mating organ swelled until it was stuck inside her. The spikes sank into her sides and she knew she was about to have his kits. Mintsong continued to growl as he raped her.

  Violet <3 Hellfire, Dark fire!   20:08, September 3, 2012 (UTC)

Lorelei padded around, anxious to explore a few ways past EternalClan territory. At 7 moons old physically, she was ready to look around. Her brother would have to deal with her later, she didn't care much for his scolding. He was too overprotective.

She bounded across the ravine to the, what she didn't know as, one of the many small patches of Dark Rogues territory.

She suddenly realized she had gone too far. Lorelei flattened her ears and let out a cry.

"How do I get home?" she yowled.

She twitched and flattened onto her stomach. She had only just became an apprentice. That's when she caught the eyes of a tom bigger, older, and stronger than her. His silvery blue eyes glinted, which sent shivers up her spine. She twitched uncomfortably again, staring at him.

"Hello sweetheart." he mewed to lighten her mood.

She stared darkly.

"You're barely out of the nursery." he meowed cautiously, taking a step forward. She felt like her legs were stuck to the ground. He smirked. Lorelei immediately sensed dark powers enamating from this tom, but she didn't dare strike at him as he slowly came closer.

He scented of another she-cat that had been in fear. This made her fur stand on end, but when she tried to stand up, only her hindquarters would move upwards, and when she tried to swish her tail in self-defense, it flicked aside to expose her injection hole.

Lorelei tried to get back down but it was too late. The tom sat down behind her tenderly and injected the tip of his mating organ. It shot into her like a blazing flame, and she let out a hiss, digging her claws in the ground. He groomed the fur on his paw with a purr, pulling her closer and injecting deeper.

He continued to groom himself, getting ready for the dirtier business yet to come, and withdrew. The spikes raked the walls of her injection hole as he slowly and painfully yanked out. A little bit of pollen poured into her, and she let out a yowl of pain.

  Violet <3 My hand is a DOLPHIN!  Dolphin clipart 7 01:12, September 23, 2012 (UTC)

The deep black tabby tom stared at the two cats sitting near the ravine's edge. Desperately he wanted the she-cat, Emeraldbloom, the she-cat with deep green eyes and the soft brown fur...but he couldn't have her. Sunflare already had her. 

He felt a growl about to rise, and lowered his haunches to strike, take her as his own. Right before he could move, a voice whispered, "Flamingshadow, I don't think you should do that. Not yet." 

Right behind him stood a silver tom, who grinned a wide, freaky smile.

Flamingshadow felt the fury flush his forehead.

"Why not?" he whispered furiously.

"Give her some time to become more...vulnerable. Come with me, I'll train you. The name's Jack." 

9 moons passed. Flamingshadow followed Sunflare to his den, and cloaked himself in the leaves. Flamingshadow was a fully trained Dark Rogue now, ready to force Emeraldbloom to let him mate her...

He froze, staring at her. She had kits. Two. Both were that ugly bright golden that Sunflare had, but they both had her green eyes. Flamingshadow found this as a perfect chance. He knew Sunflare well enough. Using some of his power, Flamingshadow created a mouse, and had it scurry across the floor. He bounded out, chasing it, then bumped right into Sunflare. 

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was hunting and it came in here. I didn't know you were in this cave, Sunflare, sorry!" he mewed heartilly. Sunflare mewed in laughter.

"It's alright Flamingshadow, accidents happen. You might want to keep it a little quiet, my mate is sleeping." Sunflare replied with a purr. Flamingshadow nodded.

"You know, your two kits look strong and well. Old enough to go exploring. I'm going to go back to my territory, but you know there's a really great place to go catch big, juicy sparrows. If you're interested that is...might preoccupy you and your kin to keep them out of their mother's way. You know how kits can be." Flamingshadow replied. Sunflare's eyes sparked with mischief.

"Good idea, where is it?"

The two kits looked up, excitement pricking their fur.

"Go to the edge of the trees and wait for me, I'm just going to find my map in my bag." 

The three cats scampered outside, waiting at the treeline. He turned his back away, tingling to go mate Emeraldbloom now and convert her to a willing slave. But Flamingshadow forced himself not to...not just yet, he had to get rid of the others. 

He grabbed his transport bottle, opened it up, and whispered, "to the bottom of the pit of loss."

The bottle glowed, and he padded outside.

"Each of you take a drink of this, just a sip. It'll give you the strength of 1000 cats, because these are strong sparrows. And if you're lucky, you'll get a weasel too~!" he purred. Sunflare and his kin were so gullible they each took great drinks of it. When they started to fade away, they grew angry.

"You tricked us! You're a Dark Rogue, aren't you, Flamingshadow!?" Sunflare growled.

"Yes, and Emeraldbloom will be gone when you return, having kits after kits for me and my rogue friends! Tata~" he replied, and Sunflare tried to scream right as he began to fade away.

Satisfied, Flamingshadow turned around to head back in the den and blindfold his mate-to-be, when he saw her standing in the doorway. She shrieked and began to run. He gave chase.

Emeraldbloom ran as fast as she could, trying to escape this strange tom. He scented of darkness and evil, and she knew if he got her...

She tried to speed up but she felt him inflicting his shadowy powers on her. Her heart cycle was flaring. Where was her kits? Moonkit and Flightkit? The urge to be mated began to hit her mind, but Emeraldbloom fought that off too. It was his powers...they were too strong. She kept running, but suddenly he leaped on top of her, violently grabbing her scruff.

She snapped, growling, screeching for help, but she was in Dark Rogues territory and the only help she would get would cost her being mated. He pinned her forepaws down with his, still holding her scruff. She flicked her tail over her injection hole, but he only rasped, "You can't get out of this, Emeraldbloom." 

Suddenly she was no longer in control of her own tail. It flicked aside, and he slowly injected. He scooted his hindlegs under hers, and she felt his pollen sacs rub against her hindquarters, which were twitching as the pollen entered her. He jabbed back and forth, making her belly swell with kits.

  Violet <3 My hand is a DOLPHIN!  Dolphin clipart 7 02:02, December 16, 2012 (UTC)

Jack grinned. It was time for him to mate another she-cat again. He was looking crazy forward to a new mistress, his old ones had gotten boring and useless. They were too busy raising at least 20 kits each to do up anymore.

He prepared his soundproof den. He wanted a younger cat, an easy cat to jab at, possibly a good sized apprentice or newly named warrior. An apprentice would be better though, but they would fight back, but their injection holes were newly matured. Young warriors would fight a bit harder but they were a medium size.

Jack bounded to the edge of the border and hid in a bush.

"Ugh! The mouse got away!" it was the shrill shriek of a female apprentice.

"That's alright, Rosepaw, go look towards the border for a squirrel. Don't trust any cat! Dark Rogues will catch you and impregnate you with kits again and again to build an army!"

"Yes, Earthclaw. I won't."

Jack changed his fur to a midnight black, and his eyes to a deep amber. He turned on his manipulation scent and padded out from the bush, generating a fresh squirrel for her to chase across the border.

Rosepaw, a dark pinky ginger she-cat, ran after it, right into him. 

"Oomph!" he meowed, stumbling for a moment.

"Oh, oh, I'm sooooo sorry!" the apprentice replied. He sniffed in pretend concern, but really he was figuring out her age. She was 9 moons old, and matured. He flexed his stilled paw to activate her heat cycle. He had 10 minutes to trick her before he could activate it.

"It's okay, I should've looked where I was going." Jack meowed.

She then took a step back. She was ignorant to her mentor's instructions.

"I know where there's a whole lot of prey." he meowed, slightly teasingly. Her eyes sparkled with mischief.

"Show me!" she yelped. He led the way towards the mating chamber. He could sense his love scent also beginning to work. Perfect, then it's be hard not to resist when he swelled her belly with kits.

She followed him into the cave, her whole body aching suddenly. The door slammed behind her, and the tom was gone. She padded into the center of the den.

"This is a weird place. Tom cat, are you still there? Hello?"

Suddenly she felt urges pulsing throughout her to get into mating position. She resisted for a little bit, trying to not and devastatingly confused to why. 

She lay into the position, her tail flicking aside. There was the tom again. He was grinning. She couldn't speak, or move position.

He mounted her quickly, and reached his paws underneath her forelegs and wrapping his paws around her chest. He bit as hard as he could down on her scruff. Her hindlegs raked with a short-lived wave of spasms as she tried to escape, but metal bars wrapped around her paws. 

"You're going to mate me, aren't you?" she meowed.

"Extremely hard. I hope you love kits." Jack replied greedily.

"I adore kits, but I'm afraid I'm not ready to be a mother yet, I'm only recently an apprentice." she hissed back.

He didn't hesistate, he injected into her immediately. She didn't growl, she was curious about intense mating and wanted to get pregnant. Rosepaw let Jack rape her hard, and her belly swelled with kits.

  Violet <3 My hand is a DOLPHIN!  Dolphin clipart 7 01:26, January 13, 2013 (UTC)

Jack worked vigorously on the young apprentice until he couldn't get her any further pregnant. He injected one last time, jabbing back and forth just to relive his fun, then withdrew as slowly and painfully as possible. His eyes flashed when he met hers, and she licked her hindquarters briefly before sitting up. She put a paw to her stomach.

"Are you going to let me go?" her voice was challenging.

"No, didn't plan on," Jack mewed sharply. Rosepaw's eyes gleamed again mischeviously.

"What you did...could you...mate me harder next time?" she asked. Her fiery fur glistened in the shadows.

"Of course." Jack was taken aback by her love of mating.

  Violet <3 My hand is a DOLPHIN!  Dolphin clipart 7 22:59, January 14, 2013 (UTC)

Rosepaw gave birth to 3 kits that night.

  Violet <3 My hand is a DOLPHIN!  Dolphin clipart 7 01:02, January 17, 2013 (UTC)

Jack dragged Acaiberry down the den. The she-cat couldn't speak right at the moment, her throat had clogged from fear. Her injection hole was irritated from her heat cycle, it was aching to let this tom rape her hard. He had dark powers. He'd still saved her from a brutal death from the other tom, and she was slightly grateful. Either way they were going to mate her, but she'd rather it be from Jack.

The tom bit down hard on her scruff, the door locking behind her. Thick metal bars, almost like loose vines, wrapped around her neck like a collar, and her paws.

She growled flirtatiously.

"Making it rough?" she meowed. She raised her hindlegs up a bit and flicked her tail aside.

"Only so I can take over your clan, Acaiberry, after I'm done with all the she-cats getting raped into slavery. They'll beg me to lock them up so they can be mated the way I do it."

He injected. The pain was like a spreading bullet. He held still for what felt like forever as his mating organ slowly began to expel the pollen that pumped down into her. She hissed with a struggling yowl, lowering her head as far as she could go.

"Oh, this is just the beginning, sweety, time to make kits!" he squealed in excitement. His mating organ's spikes extended as he jabbed back and forth in her injection hole. It swelled at the tip, his pollen sacs buzzing against her hindquarters. She spat, claws extending as she flexed them painfully. Her stomach was starting to get larger. She could feel a squirming sensation.

he jabbed back and forth harder, refusing to withdraw from raping her. She refused to scream. She felt so unhappy.

  Violet <3 My hand is a DOLPHIN!  Dolphin clipart 7 00:29, January 25, 2013 (UTC)

The cream-and-brown she-cat ran through the blizzard, trying to find some form of shelter. Meanwhile, Andante happened to be prowling around, looking for she-cats to capture and mate. I think you see where this is going...

The she-cat, as she could barely see through the snow, ran head-on into the reddish-brown tom, knocking them both backwards. "Hey, you flea-brain!" he shouted. "Watch where the heck you're going next time!"

The she-cat got to her paws and shook herself off. "I'm sorry, sir!" she cried out. "I'm just trying to find shelter from this blizzard. I can barely see, so I must not have seen you!"

Andante's ears pricked up. A she-cat? She needed safety? She didn't know he was a Dark Rogue? This couldn't have been any more perfect for him. "My apologies, young lady," he mewed seductively, trying to lure the she-cat to him. "You can come stay in my den for a while--actually, as long as you need to."

"Really!" she mewed excitedly. "Thank you so much, sir! I'm Lacey. What's your name?"

"Andante," he mewed in reply, coming close enough to Lacey so she could see him. "Follow me~"

Lacey eagerly followed the reddish-brown tom, not knowing what was in store for her. As she entered Andante's den, she immediately began to warm up, and the snow on her long, thick fur melted. She shook herself off and asked, "Would you happen to have anything for me to eat or drink? If not, then I can go out and hunt for both of us."

Andante replied, "Actually, I do. Along the left wall is a pile of fresh-kill, and to the right of it is a supply of fresh water." He actually lied about the water; it was actually a love potion that looked and tasted just like water, but would make Lacey absolutely intoxicated with him and make her willing to be mated whenever he wanted her to be. It was pretty much mind-control.

After Lacey was finished eating and drinking her fill, Andante guided her over to his mating chamber. He had decided against using the machine on the cream-and-brown she-cat, as he felt it was better suited to a group or for those he had previously mated. Her eyes were already glazed over slightly, showing that the potion was taking effect. When he stopped walking, Lacey immediately got down into mating position, flicking her tail to the side to reveal her injection hole to Andante.

The reddish-brown tom mounted her, took her scruff in his mouth, and slowly injected into Lacey. A loud hiss escaped from her mouth, as the love potion only made her want this, not dull any of the pain.

"Shh, darling," Andante purred as he began to pump his pollen into the cream-and-brown she-cat. "It'll stop hurting soon. If you're injection hole isn't shut, however, the pain will only last longer."

Stuck in the daze caused by love potion, Lacey obeyed immediately. She crossed her legs as hard as she possibly could and squeezed her injection hole shut. The two cats were latched together as Andante's mating organ swelled inside of her, his spikes raking her insides.

It wasn't long before the first of many kits formed in Lacey's belly. Soon enough, a few more pumps from Andante created another, and another, and still another, and he was still far from done with her.

When he felt satisfied with mating the new she-cat, he withdrew and shut Lacey up in one of his cells before pulling Lin out of hers and leading the she-cat over to his machine (since she had expressed that she liked the machine after she got over the initial force of it). After making sure she was chained down tightly and supplying more of his pollen to the machine, he flicked the switch on.

The black she-cat sensed one of the tubes from the machine snake forward and prepared herself. The tube jabbed into her injection hole, and she immediately began to cross her legs and squeeze her hole shut. The pollen wasn't coming yet, but she learned it hurt less if she prepared ahead of time.

Once Lin got her injection hole shut. Andante's pollen was shot into her by the tube. She hissed sharply, forcing herself to bear with the harsh pain that the machine caused. The tube's spikes, similar to a tom's mating organ, vibrated and raked her insides. It didn't take long for her to have kits forming in her belly. After a couple of minutes of the machine, she already had four curled up and growing rapidly.

Andante occasionally pumped more of his pollen into the machine, but stopped it when he saw Lin was close to fainting. He had forgotten that he left the intensity up way too high for her to handle, and since he cared for Lin, he facepawed himself for having the intensity up so high. Before withdrawing, the tube checked her kits. She had seven of them growing rapidly inside of her, all healthy.

Soon enough, she was back in her cell.


Both Lacey and Lin had given birth to seven kits each, which he let them keep for a little while. Lin's twelve older kits were sent over to Ashes, while he gained Saïline's six kits (because he found out about Ashes and his incest plans, and to him that was just gross). Anidala and Leia x Han Shipper! 23:38, July 20, 2014 (UTC)